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Lyricson Youtube Reggae Music

January 12, 2009

If you have heard the Barelona based band 08001 you would be aware of the singer Lyricson.  08001 are a mix of various styles and one of the vocalists Lyricson is at his best performing with them.  Here’s Lyricson in a video clip singing solo.

Here is a link to the band 08001

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  1. January 15, 2009 10:30 am

    Hi Tony…

    Thanks for telling me about your reggae blog today. I remembered and checked her out. Cool. I like what Lyricson is doing here vocally, there’s an extra vocal dimension here that sounds really funky.

    Despite the fact that reggae is not really big in my bag at present (occasionally), my current direction being more toward European Jazz, nevertheless, call me a fundamentalist if you wish but where reggae sits in my mind/heart is around the beautiful music and voice of Bim Sherman. Check this out:

    I really should get back to my own blogs, the music one included. This inspiration may be of assistance in that direction.


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